Mission Statement

Bedlington Terrier Club of America-HEART

The BTCA - Heart is a non-profit rescue organization 501 (c )(3) dedicated to the protection and welfare of Bedlington Terriers. Our mission is to rescue, foster and facilitate placements for any Bedlington Terrier, nation-wide, in need of a home and a safe environment. We carefully place each dog in a new loving, supportive and permanent home appropriate for that particular dog and family.


(100% of the net proceeds go to BTCA-HEART!)

The new addition to our Bedlington Family is brought to you by Care Thornton and Lacie Thrall of Crafty Canines II. 
(Go to www.craftycaninesII.com for more information or check back here in a few days.)

Heartlee and Squeakers
(a poem by Laurie Friesen)

In a place where the lonesome are left to roam
Heartlee was a Bedlington who had no home.
With no one to love & wandering about
Heartlee's future was in doubt.

He found a friend, a mouse named Squeakers
Loyal & true, this friend was a keeper.
Near & far they once did travel
Until Heartlee's stuffing began to unravel.

Searching for someone on whom to depend
Heartlee's coat that they could mend.
Upon a quaint door hung a welcome sign
That read to all "Crafty Canines".

It was there that they were invited in
And Heartlee's healing could begin.
Stitched up with lace & sewn with care

Heartlee's wounds they did repair.

Crafty Canines II made Heartlee look like new
A loving task long overdue.
Worn from a world where they once did wander
Heartlee & Squeakers began to ponder.
"Will anyone out there take us in
And give us a forever home where our lives could begin?"

So Crafty Canines reached out to HEART
A Bedlington rescue who would take part.
Heartlee's story has a happy ending
With your help & a little spending.
Don't wait too long to adopt these two
Heartlee & Squeakers are waiting for you!

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